Evoke This! “Justify My Father Figure Thug” by JAY-Z Vs. GEORGE MICHAEL

JayZ-George Michael

In 2003, Jay-Z released The Black Album. Flash forward to 2018, and I have mashed up the whole album under the working title “The Bumblebee Project”. I am yellow, Jay-Z is black, bumblebees are yellow and black, but so are the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here, for your entertainment, is the final installment, number 11 of 14. Collect them all.

  1. Sundance Kid Interlude JAY-Z Vs. BURT BACHARACH
  2. December 4th Is The Female Of The Species JAY-Z Vs. SPACE
  3. Ringin’ What More Can I Say? JAY-Z Vs. DR. DRE
  4. Who You Gonna Call, Encore! JAY-Z Vs. RAY PARKER JR.
  5. Change Clothes, It’s Swingers Holiday JAY-Z Vs. ANN-MARGRET
  6. Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Do It Again JAY-Z Vs. STEELY DAN
  7. Perry Como’s House Under Threat JAY-Z Vs. SANTANA
  8. The Look Of Love With A Moment Of Clarity JAY-Z Vs. ABC
  9. 99 Problems And 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover JAY-Z Vs. PAUL SIMON
  10. The Dis-Advantages Of A Public Service Announcement JAY-Z Vs. THE BRASS RING
  11. Justify My Father Figure Thug JAY-Z Vs. GEORGE MICHAEL
  12. Lucifer’s Mexican Shuffle JAY-Z Vs. HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS
  13. Allure For What It’s Worth JAY-Z Vs. BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD
  14. Let’s Groove On My 1st Song JAY-Z Vs. EARTH WIND & FIRE


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