Van Halen: A Pop Music Daffynition




The introduction of the band Van Halen (preferably the David Lee Roth prototype) into the body to evacuate the body of foul tedious music. A procedure in which one listens to the band Van Halen to literally or figuratively expel the soft rock contents one ingests while at a workplace environment or church.

“Jimmy had to have two VanHalenemas after working a double shift at Starbucks.”

synonyms: Benema Folds, Pied Piper of the Soul where Air Supply represents the rats, Out vile beast, out!


“Four out of five doctors agree that too many VanHalenemas can prove harmful to your colon and eardrums.”

#JamesBrownema, #I’mAliveJamesBrownYou’reNot

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