Your Horoscope

If today is your birthday…

Dear Gemini, check your bad twin self, before you wreck yourself. Today is a bad day for social media. Watch your back as well as the backs and hips of your peers. Speaking of backs, people are talking behind yours. To react rashly could prove disastrous.

Beware the Ides of June, keep in mind that half a country is conspiring against you.

Romance is in the air all around you, sadly, it is just out of your grasp for now. Focus on working hard, recreation time is just around the corner.

Today, your weaknesses are your strengths. Use your orange skin and tiny hands to find the truth within you. After discovering this truth, use your adult words wisely to express yourself. Someone will listen.

A close business relationship is taking the heat for you, everything will work out, as long as you keep your head down. Your rising sign in Mercury will keep you safe, but you have to earn it.

Your longing for rainfall will be fulfilled if you pay for it.

People celebrating a birthday on June 14: Jerzy Kosinski [1933], Che Guevara [1928], Donald Trump [1946], Boy George [1961]

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