Lynyrd Skynyrd and a Pop Music Daffynition


Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1973 before “Sweet Home Alabama”

This is one of those crazy rock and roll stories I have heard and it may not be true, but it sounds like it is. It’s like that crazy No Doubt myth. In 1976, the Lynyrd Skynyrd played with The Rolling Stones at the Knebworth Fair Festival. Also on the bill: 10cc, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia and Hot Tuna.

According to those who got to see this show, Skynyrd blew The Stones off the stage. According to The Stones, not so much, but they were impressed by the Southern rock band, and asked them to have dinner with them.

Keep in mind, I was not there, but I can speculate that there was more bbq sauce on the faces and beards of Skynyrd than on the ribs, and that was before dinner was served. The way I heard it, there were serious discussions about Skynyrd opening for The Stones on the ’78 US tour.

That is, until one of the members of Skynyrd, let’s say it was Ronnie Van Zant since he is no longer with us and can no longer refute this story, shot his mouth off. Van Zant burped and asked the Mick Jagger, “How’s it feel to have gotten away with murdering Brian Jones?” [FACT CHECK: Ronnie Van Zant was incapable of burping.]

True or not, you can bet your sweet “ass can” that Jagger was pissed off, big time. I can imagine him doing that chicken dance thing he does before storming off. Thus, canceling what could have been the coolest rock show ever.

The point is moot though, because in 1977, Lynyrd Skynyrd had a pretty bad year. Some of the members had that wicked flu that was going around then, and then some of the members died in a plane crash. This happened three days after the release of Street Survivors. The cover depicted the band engulfed in flames. MCA replaced the album cover in respect to the deceased.

Lynyrd Skynyrds

/’Lĕh/’nérd/ /’Skin/’nérdz


a group of geeky Lynyrd Skynyrd fans

synonyms: clean and sober Deadheads, Teenage Fanclub Fan Club, The Me and Bobby McGeeks

“Everything was cool until the Lynyrd Skynyrds showed up, and took over the party with some weird southern rock dungeons and dragons game.”


Whoa-oh-oh, I’m on fire.

“I was more than intrigued when the Lynyrd Skynyrds encountered the Juggalos at the Dunkin Doughnuts.”


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