Chaka Khan: a Pop Music Daffynition

Cha-ka Khan-ga-line

/chah/kə ˈkängɡə/līn/


A very rare moment, usually at wedding receptions, when dancers are amidst a conga line, and while the song transitions to one by Chaka Khan, the conga line keeps on going without a break.

“My most memorable time at any given wedding was at Dave and Debbie’s reception, when there was a Chaka Khangaline beginning with Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga” straight into “I Feel For You”. Good times, best times.”

synonyms: Chaka Contiguous, Conga All Night Long, Comic-Congaline.


“Chaka Khangalines are dangerous in busy traffic, and like most things dangerous, lots of fun.”

Trivia Time: Barry Manilow sings background on “I Feel For You”.


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