Steely Dan and a Pop Music Daffynition

Steely Dan is basically a collective of musicians that support Walter Becker and Donald Fagen’s songs. They are known for demanding perfection in the studio, so they use as many different studio musicians it takes to attain the sound they desire. People either love or hate Steely Dan.

  • Before Steely Dan, Becker and Fagen were professional songwriters. Barbra Streisand recorded their song “I Mean To Shine” on her 1971 album “Barbra Joan Streisand”.
  • Steely Dan’s first single was Dallas/Sail The Waterway in 1972. According to Becker, it was pure “stinko”. It has never been officially released on LP or cd.
  • Steely Dan took their name from “Steely Dan III from Yokohama”, an oversized, strap-on dildo mentioned in William S. Burroughs novel Naked Lunch.


Steely Dance

/ˈstēlē/ /dăns/


move non-rhythmically, yet in sync with Steely Dan music, somewhere between a normal walk and a clumsy walk

synonyms: random spasm, coincidental twitch, cocaine burp

“Steely Dancing is to dance as golf is to sports, extremely boring to watch unless you’re a fan.”

Steely Dance Party Happy Fun Time Magnificence USA

/ˈstēlē/ /dăns/ /ˈpärdē/ /ˈhapē/ /fən/ /tīm/ maɡˈnifəsəns/ /yoo/ /es/ /ā/


sarcastic term used by Japanese hipsters indicating the lameness of a situation

synonyms: sausage fest, total drag, suck

“Once the booze ran out, it was a complete Steely Dance Party Happy Fun Time Magnificence USA, so we bailed as quickly as possible.”

Steely Danza

/ˈstēlē/ /dănzə/


oversized strap-on dildo with Tony Danza’s face on it, deluxe version includes a spoken catchphrase from Danza

synonyms: Who’s The Boss Now?, inappropriate puppet, relief

“The room went silent after the Steely Danza noisily fell out of his backpack; then it became a Steely Dance Party Happy Fun Time Magnificence USA.”


#GotSteelyDanInMyPantsAndINeedToDance, #YowIFeelGood

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