What’s Up With Yacht Rock? Part 2


A world without Steely Dan is a world without yacht rock. A world without Pop-tarts is a world without breakfast. A world without shame is Donald Trump’s way of life.

The following is a timeline featuring Steely Dan’s contribution to the yacht rock genre.

1972: Steely Dan releases “Can’t Buy A Thrill”. It is more of a singer-songwriter album than a yacht affair, but the seeds are sowed for yachtier things to come.

1973: Steely Dan releases “Countdown To Ecstasy”.

1974: Michael McDonald and drummer Jeff Porcoro join Steely Dan on “Pretzel Logic”.

1975: Steely Dan releases “Katy Lied”.

1976: Steely Dan releases “The Royal Scam”. Michael McDonald joins The Doobie Brothers.

1977: Steely Dan reaches yacht rock pinnacle with “Aja”. Michael McDonald sings back up on “Peg”.

1978: Jeff Porcoro forms Toto. They release “Georgy Porgy”. The Doobie Brothers release the album “Minute By Minute” featuring the breakout single “What A Fool Believes”. Carly Simon sings McDonald’s composition “You Belong To Me”.

1979: Michael McDonald sings back up for Kenny Loggins’ “This Is It”, Michael McDonald sings back up for Christopher Cross’ “Ride Like The Wind”. Fastnet yachting race meets a storm. 306 yachts participated, 5 were sunk, 100 suffered knock downs, and 77 rolled. 15 sailors died. Nature wins.

1980: Steely Dan releases “Gaucho”. Michael McDonald sings back up for Robbie Dupree’s “Steal Away”.

1981: Michael McDonald cashes a lot of checks.

1982: Michael McDonald releases “I Keep Forgettin’”.

1985: Phil Collins becomes the Michael McDonald of the 1980s.

1994: Warren G featuring Nate Dogg samples Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin’” on their single “Regulate”.

2005: The term Yacht Rock is invented.

#JamesBrownYachtPants!, #Yacht(INeedToBeLoved,Loved,Loved,Loved), #GetUpOffaThatYacht

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