Which Side Are You On?

There is absolutely no doubt about it; we currently live in a very divided country. It makes me more anxious than a bedroom full of orphans on Christmas Eve after they are promised a visit from Santa Claus. You can feel the tension in the air and airwaves. It is omnipresent.

I have never felt this unsafe in America. This hard drawn line of division is a wildfire only gathering more oxygen and Starburst wrappers to spread and spread until there is nothing left but ashes. There will be no phoenix rising from these ashes, just more ashes. Nothing will survive.

There is a reason why pot is better, liquor stronger, media streaming faster, and video games more engaging. It is making us stay inside, making us more scared of the outside, unable to vote, unable to change our phone plans. It is all a distraction to allow for the impending catastrophe, which, of course, benefits the one percent.

Speaking of distractions, the battle rages madly on the social media application called The FaceBook. On the surface, FaceBook seems to be a Utopia of social engagement, but on closer inspection, it is merely parallel play with hardly any actual interaction. It only means no real discussions of the real issues, just a drawn out angry dance around the differences. This attitude only fuels the wrath on both sides, and forces those who are undecided to chose a side, or die.

A side note, I currently call FaceBook, FakeBook. Yesterday, I called it FoodBook, the day before FailBook.

There is a sense that every person in the United States has taken a collective deep breath expecting something much better after exhaling, but that change ain’t happening without a drastic new societal policy.

Perhaps we could find peace if there was a third or fourth party. The two-party system just makes the civil war inevitable. The pure danger of opposites fighting each other: north vs. south, right vs. left, dark vs. light, good vs. evil, black vs. white, heaven vs. hell, Goofus vs. Gallant, Democrats vs. Republicans. It is the trappings of an eternal war like the Norse Ragnarök.

So I say this with great passion to all you cat-people and all you dog-people, find a middle ground, make peace and save a world.

#PapaDon’tTakeNoMessPickUpAfterYourDog, #GetUpOffaThatCat


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