Aimee Mann and a Pop Music Daffynition


It’s hard to believe that Aimee Mann [56] is two years older than me [54] (Thank you math), but it makes sense too. You know, time and its linear path, unless we’re talking about time travel.

Aimee Mann founded ‘Til Tuesday in 1983. Two years later, in 1985 (more math enthusiasm), they hit the charts with “Voices Carry”. In 1987, they released a second album, which includes one of my faves, “Coming Up Close”, and in 1988, they released their third and final album.

1990 was a good year for Aimee Mann, and not so good for the other members of ‘Til Tuesday. She embarked on a solo career and is still at it today. In January of this very year, 2017 (In case you’re reading this next year or last year.), she released her ninth solo album, “Mental Illness”.

I have become self-aware enough to know that when I talk about things I enjoy, it comes off as sarcastic or boring or both. This is why I don’t talk about my cat that much.

Aimee Mannequin

/ām/mē/ /’manəkən/


sensitive and fragile performer incapable of movement on stage

synonyms: shoe gazer, Edith Piaf’s corpse, James Comeytose

“When I saw Depeche Mode in 1986, they were just a bunch of Aimee Mannequins propped up behind synthesizers.”

hairdresser mannequin-resizeimage.jpg

“If not for his gut ideology and brain ignorance, Ronald Reagan would have been the iconic Aimee Mannequin in the world of politics.”

#JamesBrownWayOppositeOfAimeeMannequin, #It’sAMann’sMann’sMannequin’sWorld

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