So, you’re seriously thinking about time travel…


  • It is best to go back in time, a place you know existed. If you are going into the unknown future, be prepared to protect yourself from radiation, or large cockroaches, or super crime, or a combination thereof.
  • Choose your time destination wisely. Being a Korean man, I would avoid the 19th century, especially during the railroad expansion, and the World War II era.
  • Make sure to convert your currency to the time you’re going to. Dollars and coins from the year 2000, will not fly in 1972. The last thing you need is to be arrested in a time where no one knows you for counterfeit dough-re-mi.
  • Wear time appropriate clothes. Don’t pull a Marty McFly and have everyone think you’re wearing a life jacket. Can you imagine how freaked people in the pre-1980s will be if you’re wearing Air Jordans?
  • Use common sense. Remember any big action you cause in the past will have great effect on the future. Try not to kill anybody or have sex with your parents.
  • Hydrate, make sure you drink lots of water. Don’t be that guy from the future who faints from dehydration.


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