Duran Duran and a Pop Music Daffynition

Duran Duran is the opposite of video killed the radio star.


Young and relevant-ish.

Duran Duran:

  • are a quintet from Birmingham, England consisting of Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Andy Taylor and Roger Taylor. None of the Taylors are related.
  • copped their name from a character from the comic/movie Barbarella, Dr. Durand Durand.
  • were huge on MTV with “Rio”, “Hungry Like The Wolf”, “Girls On Film” and many others.
  • had side projects. John and Andy Taylor (still not related) hooked up Robert Palmer (Roger Taylor’s uncle) to form The Power Station. Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes formed Arcadia. Now there were three crap-laced bands. [FACT CHECK: Robert Palmer is not related to anyone, he is a unique entity like God or an amoeba.]
  • were Princess Diana’s favorite band and a masturbatory visual aid for the late-overrated Andy Warhol. [FACT CHECK: Sounds just about right.]
  • are twatty. In 2014, they sued their own fan club. The details are boring, but out of context, not as much.

duran durant

/dyoo/ran/ /dyoo/rant/


to tirade on the most trivial topic at inappropriate moments

synonyms: prattle, psycho-babble, yakkety yak

“CNN showed another montage of Donald Trump duran duranting right before I turned off the television, which in itself is a montage of duran durants.”


Old and completely irrelevant.

“During the height of the tsunami, Nigel duran duranted ceaselessly about Simon LeBon’s hairdo in his cameo appearance of a Traci Ullman video, only to be corrected by another duran duranter, it was actually Paul McCartney.”


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