What is up with Ancestry DNA?

I am a sucker for television commercials. In fact, a lot of Americans are too, otherwise they wouldn’t proliferate our airwaves. Whether it is the Copper Top No-Stick pan or the sexy hot chat lines or the greatest R & B hits of the ‘70s, I am totally interested. It should come as no surprise that Ancestry DNA was the product/service I chose.


Would the upset be where my mom beats my dad?

What I learned from Ancestry DNA:

  • I am not 100% Korean. I am 96% Korean, 3% Mongolian, 2% Aleutian, and 1% other. It doesn’t take a Korean to realize this doesn’t add up. But, for an additional $19.99, I can get a further breakdown of what the 1% other means.
  • I am a descendent of Genghis Khan.
  • I am out $69.99.
  • I am out two hours worth of saliva.
  • I have a family tree bracket, and like the NCAA bracket, I’m not going to win.
  • My parents were slave owners.


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