The Stag and The Lion


A stag was chased by the hounds, and quickly took refuge in a cave, where he hoped to be safe from his pursuers. Unfortunately, the cave contained a lion.

The stag instinctively sprung out of the cave and past the bewildered hounds, then leapt into the ocean. Fortune was surely not the stag’s friend, for the ocean was the home of a shoal of piranhas. Stuck mid-air, the stag had to make a decision. Die or not.

When stags are placed in a life and death situation like this, it has the ability to hyperspace and portal jump anywhere. So this is what the stag done did, and right under the foot of a rampaging triceratops. Nice try. Game over.

MORAL: Out of the frying pan into the fire and into the acid rain and into the heart of an atomic explosion. Look before you leap, dolt.

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