The Frogs and The Well


Global warming was wreaking havoc on Mother Earth, and no one was more aware of this than a pair of frogs sitting in the middle of a dried up marsh. In the last hour, the scorching sun reduced the remaining moisture to dust.

It was agreed upon by the two frogs that this place was no longer a healthy environment to live in. Frogs thrive in water, it is in their amphibious nature.

They hopped and hopped until they came upon a deep well.

One frog said to the other, “Jackpot. Water! Me dive in.”

But the other, who had a wiser head replied, “Not so fast. Suppose this well dries up like the marsh? How should we get out again?”

The frog perched on the well’s edge jumped in, “Geronimo!” The splash was loud, followed by the pleasure of the frog, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

The other frog yelled down the well, “Swift move, Ex-lax®. I assure you that your impetuous decision will lead to your early demise.”

The frog sloshed about ignoring his uptight partner’s well-intentioned words. With this, the other frog hopped away, pissed off, looking for safer residence.

Long story short, the well never dried up, and the frog lived out its days properly hydrated. The other frog never found a home, unless you consider the afterlife a home. While resting on a hot road, under no shade, it had reached its expiration date and died slowly. Technically, it died after the third car ran it over. True story, after the second car, the frog cried, “Kill me.”

MORAL: Live for today. Overthinking the possibilities only leads to an unfulfilled death.

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