Erratum, mea culpa

Hugh Hefner by Mort Drucker

Sorry, Hef, sorry. R.I.P.


It was bound to happen. After 132 daily blog posts, there was going to be some straight up bone headed errors. Unlike our current president, Trump, I am not above apologizing and setting things straight. Also, unlike him, I have gooder hair and better command of language, me too. Forgive me in advance for the following blunders.

  • Jimmy Buffett was never ever rumored to be a cannibal. What I actually meant was: he is a friend to Bob Dylan.
  • Dotard is actually pronounced as if it rhymes with motored, and not foddered.
  • James Brown was never a privileged white man.
  • The Bible did not rip off William Shakespeare, nor was it written at Denny’s®. [FACT CHECK: I have not written this one yet.]
  • Hugh Hefner did not die in 1990 from acute Chlamydia. The only thing that died then was his relevance.
  • Shari Lewis did not come back to life only to die again with Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis. [FACT CHECK: She did. Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive.]
  • The answer to the Doobie Brothers caption: the guy in the yellow hat.
  • To paraphrase The Cure, beets don’t cry.
  • All frogs are not Nazis, but a lot of them are, which kinda sorta qualifies my description.
  • Batman is not a frog.
  • When I made predictions for week 4 of the NFL, I excluded three games.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) at Baltimore Ravens (2-1) and Buffalo Bills (2-1) at Atlanta Falcons (3-0) The at home bird teams will use aerial attacks, the devious ones. They will soar high and bomb dive beak down and power peck/drill straight through their opponents heads to toes.

PREDICTION: Birds will eventually rule the world.

Oakland Raiders (2-1) at Denver Broncos (2-1) Assuming that Raiders raid and the Broncos bronc (whatever the hell that means) Raiders win. But if Oakland oaks and Denver dens, Denver wins at home.

PREDICTION: This is a serious divisional game, so expect decapitation and strong adult language.


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