Erratum 2018

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2018 sucked no matter how you slice it.

Earlier today, I posted a year end review of 2018. In the banner, Tom Petty was depicted as if he died or won a Pulitzer Prize. The fact is: Tom Petty died on October 2, 2017. In my defense, he is still dead and newsworthy in 2018.

Here is a corrected banner. Sorry to anyone who may have relied on this to be factual.

All Apologies


As the tension builds, to avoid violence and abuse, here are my apologies and excuses. As the tension builds, to avoid violence and abuse, here are my apologies and excuses.

I would like to apologize for my attack on Thompson Twins yesterday. It was unjust and cowardly. In these post-Charlottesville days, it is too easy to forget that celebrities have innocent families that have nothing to do with the artless tripe created. I would like to clarify that I have no hard feelings against their offspring, only their fucking ancestors who begat them.

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Erratum Update

The more I write, the more mistakes I make. It’s sad and inevitable, like sexual assault. With power comes abuse and ludicrous advances, it’s just the way people are wired. Whoever said the meek shall inherit the earth, they were on cheap crack. I hope the following errors did not cause any inconveniences.

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Erratum: We all succumb to gravity except me.


They say the truth hurts. With that in mind, set Iphone to 9-1 and let’s go to that land of pain. You, we all are mortal idiots with an indefinite expiration date. Along the way, we’re going to succumb-a to the rumba of sin. It’s inevitable, so it is necessary to pave a road of forgiveness. The Catholics call it confession, the North Koreans call it aiding and abetting, the Spaniards call it a reason for an inquisition, and I call it catharsis.

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