Erratum Update

The more I write, the more mistakes I make. It’s sad and inevitable, like sexual assault. With power comes abuse and ludicrous advances, it’s just the way people are wired. Whoever said the meek shall inherit the earth, they were on cheap crack. I hope the following errors did not cause any inconveniences.

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Erratum: We all succumb to gravity except me.


They say the truth hurts. With that in mind, set Iphone to 9-1 and let’s go to that land of pain. You, we all are mortal idiots with an indefinite expiration date. Along the way, we’re going to succumb-a to the rumba of sin. It’s inevitable, so it is necessary to pave a road of forgiveness. The Catholics call it confession, the North Koreans call it aiding and abetting, the Spaniards call it a reason for an inquisition, and I call it catharsis.

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Erratum, mea culpa

Hugh Hefner by Mort Drucker

Sorry, Hef, sorry. R.I.P.


It was bound to happen. After 132 daily blog posts, there was going to be some straight up bone headed errors. Unlike our current president, Trump, I am not above apologizing and setting things straight. Also, unlike him, I have gooder hair and better command of language, me too. Forgive me in advance for the following blunders.

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