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Bobbleheads are fun in the same way caricatures are fun; they’re not. The point is to exaggerate the size of one’s head and place it on a normal sized body. If you look at it the right way, this is the definition of primal humor.

In the case of the James Brown bobblehead, it is technically not funny, but accurate and proportionately correct. I have to surmise that the Bobblehead company attempted to create a true bobblehead of James Brown, but it couldn’t support itself, and kept falling down. I’d like to think when they put the right sized head on, it was like an anvil balanced on a non-ridged potato chip turned on its side. Disastrous.

Then, there’s the logistics of needing a neck or spring to properly support all that damn cranium weight. Which leads me to wonder how James Brown did what he did without needing serious neck surgery.e26d4dd397b2f99108e7054fdef2ed79.jpg

“Ow, I feel good, I knew that I would. Ow, my damn spine and neck is hurting like crazy.”

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