To A Lesser Degree, Cuba


A gam, or potpourri of Cubans.

In 1959, he was a legally registered full-fledged lesbian. Sung Kim was a man out of place and time, amongst many other things. Did you know that he loved bebop more than his family? It’s true. Get to know him.

A fluent-Chinese speaking Korean man living in Cuba was a statement all in itself.

The ability to assess oneself is what separates humans from everything else, including tail-finned Cadillacs® and ocelots. Thus, Sung proved himself human and asked the pertinent question: did he contribute to society, or vice-versa? Imbalance was the recurring answer. He gave too much of himself. Society was selfish, and only gave you a common cold.

If he died today, would he be remembered as an obscure altruistic martyr, or just some lucky Asian shmendrick paratrooper washed ashore a Caribbean island? In the end, he concluded with an inner sense of pride, “I am, and will always be a citizen of the modern world.” He followed the statement with a resounding gut echoing belch. This was meant to be interpreted as a self-amen.

There are so many other anomalies to consider. What was he doing in Cuba… in 1959? That was only six years after the Korean War. He had to be the only Asian there, right? What was his relationship with the KGB? If you order a sandwich in Cuba, do you automatically get a Cuban sandwich? Is Fidel Castro an excellent tenor? Is there a specific derogatory term for a Cuban? I smoked a Cuban cigar once. It wasn’t all that. Was it?


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