“I’m A Believer Of The Ring Of Fire” by JOHNNY CASH Vs. THE MONKEES

Cash - Monkees
In order to better understand these tumultuous times we are wading through, it is imperative to have a better grasp of history. Johnny Cash released his first album on Sun Records in 1957. He was nicknamed “The Man in Black”. He expired at the tender age of 71, in 2003. One could easily say that is when the world actually ended, and we have been screaming in agony since.

The Monkees debuted in 1966; they were America’s response to England’s The Beatles, and not Oasis, like so many people believe. By the way, these “people” also believe that the world is flat and that there is a free parking lot at airports.

Current president of the United States, Dim Sum Donald Trump, continues to unravel his hatred and stupidity. Just so we’re clear, he gives the term ugly American greater depth.

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