The Forensics Of Failure


And if you look to the right, this is the Tower of Babel, the birthplace of everything that is wrong today.


At the risk of being redundant, it bears repeating; ignore this asshole Trump. He’s just like all the rest. He stinks and retains odd hairiness, which seems to be spelling out something, like the subliminal messages conveyed through the ice cubes in old liquor print ads. It is never worth it to put your face up to something that disgusting.

In case you missed this, we are reaching a Tower of Babel moment. You are either Democrat or Republican or Independent or Trump loyalist; Itunes®, Spotify® or old school vinyl; rich or poor or in-between, Netflix®, Hulu® or both, black or white or yellow or red or all of the above, The Stones, The Beatles or Kiss, pacifist, football fan, or kneeler. As society further divides into these subcultures, the language between disintegrates.

For example, my favorite television show is HGTV’s Flip or Flop™ and my neighbor loves televised basketball. On rare occasions, we are compelled to say more than hello. It occurred to me, when I say flip, he’s thinking of mascots and trampolines, and when I say flop, he’s thinking about a player purposefully falling down misrepresenting a flagrant foul. Thusly, when he starts up on college basketball, I am thinking, this is why we can’t have conversations, so now I avoid him at all costs. His language offends me.

This is happening all over the world, and only the vilest human beings are taking advantage of it. The greed mongers know that our fragile society is forever divided, and they manipulate and manipulate. With the help of the cursed internet, and our reliance on it, the harmful purposeful division comes quicker and with better results. This is what it feels like when resolution is impossible, it comes down to only avoidance or battle. To quote Trump Jr., “Duh.”

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