2018: A Year In Review According To Sungmokoo.com

2018 Review

The year 2018 sure felt different from all previous years, yet ultimately, it was the same.

2018 was a big and busy year. So many things happened, between natural disasters, tumultuous politics, acts of terrorism, celebrity mumbo jumbo, sports phenomena, and feel-good stories, as well as those stories that made us sick with disgust, making us wonder, what the hell? Seriously, what the hell?

It’s hard to believe it was not a leap year with everything that went on in 2018. Rest assured, it all did happen in the span of 365 days. As many experts predicted, there were 52 weeks. Like previous years, there were births, deaths and new medications, as well as the same old holidays, Groundhog Day, Easter, and our birthdays, reminding us all that age is a thing.

Until next year, 2019, I would like to remind you with gentle insistence to keep reaching for the stars and keep wearing sensible shoes.

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