When The Moon Hits Your Eye


Just after the Full Flower moon and the Harvest moon, there is the Honeymooners moon.

The moon was full. It was one of them crazy full moons too, the kind that incites lunacy. Also, it was 119 degrees and windless, which, in turn, inspires profound laziness. Statistically, gun violence spikes drastically, but not tonight. It was too hot. You couldn’t even hold a gun without using an oven mitt.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Earth, where the water runs counter-clockwise, the moon was huge, yellow and indifferent, as opposed to the one-time popular pain reliever Nuprin® which was little. Yellow. Different. This is a tale of a group of British boys stranded on an uninhabited island and their disastrous attempt to govern themselves.

The boys were lost in thought staring at the moon. If they knew what reverence truly meant, they may have felt it. A chubby boy with round-rimmed glasses broke the silence. “Is it waxing or waning?”

A response came immediately like a slap to the face, “Who cares?” followed by guffaws, followed by tomfoolery and finally rough housing.

Tuckered out, the boys had no choice but to become contemplative. “I see that Ralph Kramden guy from that super old school show “The Honeymooners”.”

“Yep, ditto for me.”

“I see the face of a mother concerned about her missing son.” It was no coincidence that this boy had obviously been crying all day.

“010101,” replied the only robot amongst the boys. By night’s end, that robot would be savagely dismantled and spit on.

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