Old Man Old Man

Old Man Old Man

In 2020, a nuclear war destroyed most of mankind. Old Man was one of the few survivors.

“I’m too old for this shit,” he muttered as he backhanded, or rather back fisted an alien across the face. The sheer force nearly severed the head clean off the neck. Yet, the fact of the matter remained, he muttered the truth. As for the punch, he was going to feel that and then some tomorrow morning if he lives that long.

Old Man was surrounded by the warrior aliens from the planet Kratar. They were defending the Gravitator®, which was destroying the core of the Earth. Old Man needed some serious back up if he was going to save the world.

To fully understand Old Man’s current predicament, we must go back fifty years, back when he was Middle-Aged Man. He was concluding a battle royale with the King of Kratar himself, Bernie. They were a bloody mess after a good hour of hand-to-hand combat.

Bernie crawled away, as Middle-Aged Man yelled after him. “Come back here and finish this. I swear, I will bite you to death.”

Bernie was wise and continued his slow painstaking escape, “I will return when I’m good and ready.”

“Yeah, you and what army?” Middle-Aged Man coughed up a blob of blood.

“Thank you, that is an excellent idea. I will build an army and when you least expect it, I will kill you.”

For this and so many other reasons, this is why you finish what you start.

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