Tales Of The Crack Is Whack

crack is whack

The modern haiku is more about the messaging these days than the meter. Sad. Source.

To say he was stoned on the crack cocaine was a half-truth, because in actuality, he was both whacked and wasted. Little did he know it, he was also ten minutes away from dying. Without giving too much away, he’s going to freak out over something he sees, and his feeble heart is going to plain give out.

Cecil Lee Boyd used to be a casual, yet functional crack user. That was until his sister, and long-time-on-and-off-girlfriend, Eunice April Boyd, won the lottery. After taxes, almost a hundred thou.

One month later, after Eunice overdosed and died, Cecil was left to his own devices, which merely meant, he too, would eventually do the same. Trust me, he will.

As most crackheads are prone to do, he went to the bathroom to see how many teeth he had left in his mouth. SPOILER ALERT: Eight, seven after he spits a loosey out. He is surprised at the lack of blood. He looks in the mirror. He is impressed how chapped and cracked his lips are without falling off his face. He suddenly clenches his chest, and falls lifeless to the floor.

In the mirror, a dead man, Jerry is standing, or rather leaning in the shower, eyes wide open, definitely dead. Before one jumps to conclusions and assumes the sight of a corpse would frighten Cecil to death, one needs to be woke to his priorities. The true culprit was the foreign pubic hair tangled into a toothbrush.

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