Happiness Is Elusive

Happiness Is Elusive

Little did this sextet realize, they were all thinking the exact same thing: happiness is elusive.

Audrey Mangella sighed loudly as he sat down to a cold microwaved burrito on a slightly used paper plate. His sigh was a manifestation of all of his shortcomings, including most notably, his name, which was obviously designated for a girl.

Even though he had learned valuable lessons about first impressions, he was convinced that a better life accompanied a fitting name. If anything, his honor was intact, for he promised his parents he would keep the name proudly. This, even after his parents were arrested for mail fraud.

On top of all this, he resided in the basement of their house, leaving the rest of the house a collector of dust and odd spiders.

He sighed again and cut into his dinner. The plastic spork cracked and broke. Upon closer inspection, he had overcooked the burrito and it was harder than a rock. His instinct was to scream as loud as possible, instead, he made that face of bemusement, as he scratched himself.

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