I Love “Soulful Strut”

soulful strut single.jpg

“Soulful Strut” is the song you don’t know by name, but odds are you love it. Instrumentals are tricky that way. Unless you know, you just don’t. The original definitive version is performed by Young-Holt Unlimited in 1968. This tune is the soundtrack to the happiest day of your life. Oh yeah, it puts that extra bounce in your step. You can finally say that you’ve walked on seventh heaven, and not the WB television show.

Imagine my surprise, when I discovered there is a rendition of “Soulful Strut” with lyrics. It’s called “Am I The Same Girl”. It was recorded in 1969 with Barbara Acklin. By the way, you’re welcome.

She was a mere hop skip and strut away from the grocery store, so she did her thing, and went four blocks the opposite way to the Starbucks®. Even though she needed food badly, she wanted a Venti Vanilla Latte®. Want over need always won in Dawn’s decision making process. In a nutshell, this is the origin of her closet full of shoes for every occasion except for tonight. Her next stop was PayMore Shoes™.


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