We Live In Sludge


SPOILER ALERT: Is that the same stuff they make kickballs out of?

Perspective can be a preposterous subject. For example, if we go back 20 years to 1997, and pitched the idea of a reality TV personality becoming the President of the United States of America, you would have a sit-com appropriate for NBC’s must-see Thursday night. Keep in mind, 1997 had these reality shows: Real World, Cops, America’s Most Wanted, The Crocodile Hunter, Expedition Robinson, and the WWF.

I do not claim to be Nostradamus, but my name, Sung Mo Koo, literally translated is Nos-tra-damus. 20 years from now, 2037, the same premise will be a comedic documentary exploring the era of Trump. It will be streaming on Red Walmartflix directly into your Smartest UDTV3.

The sad truth is this: we live in an uncertain time where the wealthy want to devour everything that is not nailed down, especially infants.


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