Sparkle while you can, die trying Part 2


The Seven Deadly Sins by Hieronymus Bosch.

I apologize for starting a story yesterday without concluding it properly. In my defense, we currently live in an age of digression. Against my better judgment, I succumbed. In the future, I will be stronger. I will not allow whim and whimsy to dictate my actions. Without further introduction.

If you were looking for a textbook case of debilitating inner conflict, look no further than Marco Richards. It was not a coincidence that he bared a great resemblance to racist-shamed comedic actor, Michael Richards, famously known for his role of Kramer, in the widely popular NBC sit-com Seinfeld, lesser known for his role as a cast member in the comedy troupe on the ABC show, Fridays. A reasonable side note: people ought to look into this thing called grooming with a comb or pick. As slovenly as Marco’s hairstyle was, this was not even close to his “fatal flaw”.

The Bible knew what was what. Proof? “Pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18. Bam! The Bible is good for that sort of verification and in your face, hand to God, I told you so. Pride wears many faces, but no expression can ever hide the shame of being urinated on. The greater one’s pride, the funnier their downfall. It’s one of those unspoken rules of comedy. If you strip away the eye gorging and mother fucking, the saga of Oedipus Rex is hilarious.

Why short attention span isn’t one of the seven deadly sins escapes logic. If I had to take a guess, the short attention span had not yet been invented. What was mistaken for stupidity, or a dimwit’s plight in the days of yore, was probably not named for what it truly was. Another obvious omission is excessive cursing. This may have been an act of sympathy for those with tourette syndrome. Did you know that the television show Gilligan’s Island symbolically chose their characters to represent the seven deadly sins? The more you know.


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