The Justice Avengers in Here’s What We’re Going To Do


The earth shook hard, as the gigantic form of The Giant Dr. Luthor slammed his fiery fist on the fault line. “Fools, you can not stop me. It is far too late.” He laughed heartily.

The Justice Avengers huddled together in a panic, like an American NFL team on the offensive with less than two minutes left and no more time outs. Since the Amazing Superman said, “Here’s what we’re going to do,” he was currently the leader. He hunched forwards and whispered.

There was a collective nod of agreement and a hum of assent from the J.A.: The Spectacular Batman, The Fantastic Flash, The Mighty Aquaman, The Invincible Green Lantern, The Incredible Martian Manhunter and The Man Without Fear: Wonder Woman listened with grim expressions on their faces.

Eight minutes later, New Metropolis was war-torn and devastated. It was the only logical conclusion since Dr. Luthor was laid out atop eight city blocks. Water streamed upwards from the broken fire hydrants, the smell of gas was omnipresent, frantic animals stampeded out of the rubble and debris, screams of children could be heard from everywhere at once. In short, it was a big mess.

The Spectacular Batman assessed the damage around him and gruffly said, “Good work, Justice Avengers, good work. Say, Amazing Superman, how did you know…”

The Amazing Superman stopped him before he could finish, “It’s because wherever there is evil, justice always perseveres.” He turned around, looked over his shoulder and winked with absolutely no regard to who was or wasn’t there.

The Mighty Aquaman espied the wink, “What’s that all about?”

Everyone shrugged their shoulders and laughed, as a city burned in the background.


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