Boo Hoo, Kavanaugh, Boo Hoo


Kavanaugh gives the term bad actor a new post-ironic meaning. Between the two of us, he drinks a lot of water before he tells a lie. Image Source

I do not have an iota of empathy for this judge named Brett Kavanaugh. Regardless of whether he is guilty or not, his defense of himself in the court of he said/she said has been nothing short of cowardice on top of fear. He will always be a sniveling weasel who now likes beer, shortly after admitting that he did not have the time to drink with all that school on his plate. He is as credible as a stack of dead decomposing apes in a shopping mall, which is to say, what? Really? What? He consistently proves that he is a poor choice for the Supreme Court.

I feel no shame in admitting how enjoyable it is to kick a man while he’s down and crying. It is very satisfying and conclusive, in the same way Columbo, the fictional television whodunit solver portrayed by the one-eyed Peter Falk, nails the entitled schlub trying to get away with murder. I can only suppose this is what justice feels like in a Republican world.

It is sickening how the Republicans made this “questioning” illegitimate from the onset, by not bringing in the FBI. Instead we are forced to watch this oddly compelling drama of Republican senators versus Democratic senators.

No offense to privileged white male judges (In the case of Clarence Thomas, black), who conveniently use the law as their personal crutches, but they are low-life liars. They are mere byproducts created from their mothers’ shitholes. To clarify, no offense.

If the man were innocent, he would want a proper investigation to clear his name. Instead, he opts to drag his family through this smear fest, because the reward is a life term as Supreme Court Justice. He is just bullying his way through the process, like he has his whole elitist life. This is how these type of people do.

When all the smoke clears, and Kavanaugh is appointed the next disgraceful Supreme Court Justice, I am certain one dimwitted Republican will smack his head as if had a V-8® moment and blame this debacle on Chinese hackers.

Today, we have witnessed a moment that will forever change our future. No matter the outcome, Kavanaugh is now synonymous with weakness, and we have been reminded that strength comes from doing the right thing.

By the way, if Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t know the difference between responsible inebriation and black out drunk, he is a liar or stupid, maybe even both. Sad.

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