What’s Up With Mitch McConnell?

jimmy olsen turtle

A comic book story based on Mitch McConnell’s years as a reckless teenager. Notice that Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen is actually an anagram of Mitch McConnell.

With the pending approval of Judge Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court, the pundits have been bandying about how this could boost the Mitch McConnell legacy. Let’s face it, he needs this, otherwise, he goes down in the history books as the guy who was neither man nor turtle. But, if the Kav goes through, McConnell will be known as the Senator Majority Leader who seated two overly conservative judges. One who loves beer and another known only by the name of Gorsuch.

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Boo Hoo, Kavanaugh, Boo Hoo


Kavanaugh gives the term bad actor a new post-ironic meaning. Between the two of us, he drinks a lot of water before he tells a lie. Image Source

I do not have an iota of empathy for this judge named Brett Kavanaugh. Regardless of whether he is guilty or not, his defense of himself in the court of he said/she said has been nothing short of cowardice on top of fear. He will always be a sniveling weasel who now likes beer, shortly after admitting that he did not have the time to drink with all that school on his plate. He is as credible as a stack of dead decomposing apes in a shopping mall, which is to say, what? Really? What? He consistently proves that he is a poor choice for the Supreme Court.

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