Two Old Farts Sitting On A Train

EPSON scanner image

Towards the end of this train, the 93rd trailer of 146, two old farts are sitting on rocking chairs and drinking beers. It is highly probable that they are conversing as well.

The two old farts are recurring characters on If you want proof; here and here. It is important to note, they are fictional characters, and their viewpoints are not ours, nor mine, which is merely a precursor that the ‘n’ word is going to be used. So, in the words of the late great Stan Lee, “Read on Marvellites and while you’re reading, get the rest of the Marvel books or I’ll kill you in your sleep. Excelsior!”

Tom was grossly inappropriate, staring at the sun. He could have sworn he heard his retinas break.

Hank took a long swig from a sweaty bottle of beer. He was relieved that Tom didn’t say something that would make him spit it out. Somehow, this had become common practice when the two got together.

Tom was audibly surprised when his burp was silent. That ain’t ever right.

Two kids running through a field of corn, probably Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, the kids, not the field, stopped to point out the two old men perched atop a train in their rocking chairs heading west at approximately 42.5 mph.

Hank, who was wise enough to recognize a moment, slugged down more delightful beer and asked, “Have you ever used the ‘n’ word and meant it?”

Tom broke his unhealthy gaze at the sun. He was unsure if he had officially lost his eyesight. He looked in the direction of Hank. “Once.”

The train was slowing down. Tom continued, “It was not good.”

The train came to a complete stop. Cows had roamed onto the tracks.

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