Two Old Farts Sitting On A Train

EPSON scanner image

Towards the end of this train, the 93rd trailer of 146, two old farts are sitting on rocking chairs and drinking beers. It is highly probable that they are conversing as well.

The two old farts are recurring characters on If you want proof; here and here. It is important to note, they are fictional characters, and their viewpoints are not ours, nor mine, which is merely a precursor that the ‘n’ word is going to be used. So, in the words of the late great Stan Lee, “Read on Marvellites and while you’re reading, get the rest of the Marvel books or I’ll kill you in your sleep. Excelsior!”

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Two Old Farts Sitting On A Roof


Imagine two rocking chairs balanced atop the roof on the left. Now, imagine no possessions. It’s easy if you try.

From below, it all looked so precarious. A very slanted rooftop, nearly three stories high, two rocking chairs, two very old men, Hank and Tom, and a cooler filled with beer; a sure recipe for disaster. Rest assured, these two guys knew more about the laws of gravity than most anybody.

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