Rabies, It’s You


To best understand rabies, this is a dog in paralytic post-furious stage, like Bruce Banner moments before he turns into The Incredible Hulk.

Tyke was born the runt of a litter of beagles. He was lucky to have survived. He was partially eaten by his mother, thus he only had three legs. If not for the timely intervention of a vet, he could have easily been a paraplegic or worse.

The only good thing that ever happened to Tyke was he was adopted by a caring family. During his short stay, he learned to be loyal to a fault. One month later, his owners drowned in a freakish aqueduct accident. Stranded in the house, Tyke attained nourishment by eating the macaw.

He found himself in an animal shelter, alone, and eventually placed on their version of death row. Through a clerical error and mostly, an unattended open door, Tyke broke loose and found residence in the forest preserve. After enduring eight months of extreme hardship; this.

Tyke could barely stand, his shrinking brain on fire. He twitched violently, his skinny frame rattled against the hard ground beneath a large oak tree. It sounded like a piece of paper rattling in a bush. He chose this spot for it was the furthest away from that dreadful water, that much despised water. He was fevered and felt an intense tingle behind his left ear. This is where he was bitten by a fruit bat. If he had greater instincts, he would have known that he was dying of rabies. Instead, he only had a strong craving for squirrel meat, and wanted to confront his mother.

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