Laugh Last, Laugh Loud

laughing buddha-44421286909244JAxh


In a fit of wanton, yet calculated rage, Godfrey Mann donned all 26 pairs of his girlfriend’s undergarments at one time, so it would destroy the elasticity in the waist. This was a good example of his devious pettiness; kind of pointless, yet prickish. That would show her for finishing off the watermelon and watching “Game Of Thrones” without him!

For good measure, he took some selfies and pranced about for hours. He discovered that he enjoyed the soft satin pressing snug against his crotch. Little did he realize, he had opened a gateway into the dependence of properly fitting panties. In the following year, he would become a full-blown crossdresser. But that, of course, is another story.

The next day, fresh out of the shower, Godfrey’s girlfriend, Serendipity Wong, put on a pair of molested stretched out panties. After trying to put them on, she smiled and released a burst of laughter. She had long dreamed of this day, of shedding at least twenty pounds. The shroud of insecurity and being inadequate were lifted. She was, at last, beautiful. She could now leave Loserville, her nickname for Godfrey, and pursue her dream of moving to Hollywood to become an actress.

And she did. She immediately landed a recurring role on NBC’s “This Is Us” as the wacky, yet concerned Asian neighbor. She was a superstar. In the following order, she won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony, being the first person to win the EGOT in successive order.

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