That’s Not Funny


The next time you laugh, pretend that you are wiping away tears of sorrow. And that, my friend, is the fine line.

Bobby Kabobby, AKA Roberta Kabobby, was convinced she would spend the rest of her days miserable and alone. For starters, being born a girl to a family that wanted a boy was a serious kick to the head, secondly, she was further cursed because her laughter sounded like crying.

This made her the most misunderstood person, which in turn, made her loneliness that much more profound. She was banned from every comedy club in North America. If funerals weren’t typically so somber, she could have found a lucrative ‘gig’.

Everything changed when she met, Rue LaRue, who was almost the exact opposite of Bobby. His parents regretted his birth and reminded him daily, and his crying sounded like laughter.

For two weeks, they shared a life of sheer bliss, although it sounded like constant conflict. Eventually, Bobby broke things off because she could no longer tolerate Rue’s constant depression.

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