Urine Big Trouble


What’s the difference between O.J. Simpson and Simba? Simba is the lion king. Simpson is an ugly chapter in our reality.


In a normal world, there is a price to pay for indecency. Subsequently, doing the right thing is rewarded. Sadly, my friends, this is no longer the case. Normalcy no longer exists in this ridiculous YouTube® society. Three years ago, if someone had told me that a world leader had been pissed on by Russian hookers, I would have laughed and laughed.

I am not amused by the state of this country. Quite the opposite, I am ashamed. In order to best understand our current standing, we must look back at June 13,1994, the day O.J. Simpson allegedly committed first-degree murder.

Not only was there the heinous crime itself, we had the convenience of 24-hour news televising, spinning and manipulating the case, which ultimately led to the acquittal of a fading celebrity. It is at this time, lawyers took advantage of a media outlet with the full knowledge that there is no law preventing them from lying. Somehow in the many paradoxes of law, perjury can only be committed in a court of law.

Return to today, and now we have more outlets to spread lies quickly and irrresponsibly. There’s FaceBook®. There’s Fox News®. Especially, Twitter®. Can you imagine if Hitler had all of this power in his fingertips? You don’t have to, because there is a Vladimir Putin™.

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