The Terms They Are A-Changin’

trump's white house.jpg

Trump’s White Male House makes sure he umlauts his e’s as well as dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Image Source.

For a while now, I have referred to Trump as current president of the United States himself dictator wannabe, but that ends today. As you can see from my opening sentence, he will simply be called Trump, just like his gaudy pointless towers. It’s a shame they are still a source of income. I look forward to the day those ugly edifices are beautified with boards indicating closure and bankruptcy.

I will never associate the term man with Trump, for he is not and never will be deserving. A man is a title earned through acts of maturity, not petulance, not thrown tantrums, not false bravado, and not because you’re a 72-year old dotard. More appropriate is comparing him to small mammals with miniscule brains, like racist weasel, orange squirrel, idiotic rat, or greedy ferret.

From here on out, any person who supports Trump will lose their name and be called Trump butt sniffer. No longer will I have to spell check a Steven Mnuchin or a Chuck Grassley, for they will now be identified as Trump Butt Sniffer and the other one.

Devin Nunes will be Trump butt Swiffer® because he is a gimmicky cleaning device for the lazy and naïve, ineffectively cleaning the crap that falls out of Trump’s mouth and butt.

Further, Donald Trump Jr. will simply be Trump Jr., Ivanka, Trump’s daughter he wants to bang, Eric, not Trump Jr. and the other Trump, Lucky. Melania will be Trump’s beard, and Jared Kushner will be tagged corrupt failing son-in-law with eerie high-pitched voice.

Now, allow me to apply these new terms with today’s news: This morning Trump tweeted garbage that reflects his cluttered mind of hatred, indifference and ignorance. Once again, he displays his complete lack of empathy by pushing his obvious agenda of self-preservation. Meanwhile, the Trump butt sniffers remain silent, and ought to be complicit to every crime Trump commits. Suspiciously quiet in this fecal storm, Trump’s daughter he wants to bang and corrupt failing son-in-law with eerie high-pitched voice.

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