Ten To Mid-Term Election


The second worst kind of chain letter you can get. 

Like any good nosy American, I have been watching the news avidly as to who did what to who with what, specifically, with all the mail bomb terrorism. As of 9 PM CST of today, there are no answers, just a lot of speculation and more questions. This is what we know.

The targets of the bombs are ten outspoken enemies of Trump. Instead of doing the right thing, Trump is demanding civility on his terms, basically telling the media to stop challenging his blatant lies. Apparently, he does not want to be called morally defective anymore. Poor Trump. And here’s another reason why that balloon baby version of him is so accurate.

Rush Limbaugh is a lying moron. He is nothing more than a grossly obese white chocolate chip slowly melting into a swivel chair. He tweeted, “Tip to Democrats: If you’re gonna mail fake bombs to yourself, don’t do it in bomb-shaped envelopes without a postmark. Looks fishy,” It is mind-numbing and downright frightening that 14 million people still listen to this mental slob weekly.

Crazy does not adhere to only one political agenda. Look around you. You know a lunatic Republican, and you know a couple few insane Democrats, and while you’re looking, you know a stupid insane Chicago Bears fan.

I am sad that in the face of these threats, the mainstream media are pleading with Trump to do the sensible thing. It is overly pathetic and somewhat ignorant. It is like yelling at pancreatic cancer to stop, just stop. Trump is, in essence, the most painful and quickest spreading of the cancers, and just as deaf.

At a rally, Trump said, “The media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative — and oftentimes, false — attacks and stories.” He is so clueless, for the President has the greater civic responsibility. But the point is absolutely moot because Trump is not a president. His extreme selfishness does not even qualify him as a human being.

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