The origin of “dilly dilly” can be traced to Norse gods and bears.

Magno-Man lifted his stein of the hoppiest ale and bellowed, “For the past fortnight, I waged war and defeated the Malevolent Eleven on the planet Bleek. In thus doing so, I saved two galaxies!” There was no doubt his story was true, for his unitard was tattered and he reeked appropriately for one not showering for two weeks.

Mightiest Princess lifted her over-sized chalice filled with cheap chardonnay, revealing a hairy bushy armpit dripping sweat, exclaiming, “I pushed a planet back into its orbit while fighting off the Space Spanish Armada!”

Average Joe lifted his can of Coors Lite®. His arms shook and strained trying to hold it up. “Last night I binge-watched “Stranger Things” and made love to my wife for eight minutes.”

There was an air of uncomfortable silence accompanied with suspicious eye darting, gulping shame and unadulterated guilt. Magno-Man and Mightiest Princess slowly lowered their drinks.

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