Got Your Nothe


Sign language for I am a moronic dope.

It has come to my attention that kids say the darnedest things, but more often than not, the kids don’t know when to shut the fuck up. But, it should go without saying, use your responsible adult ear filters and listen to your child when necessary. Especially when they say, “Get off me. I’m suffocating.” Or “Don’t leave me in this hot car.” Or “My left arm is going numb.”

All of this is merely a preamble to my main point. For God’s sake, stop playing ‘I got your nose’ with children. For the unaware, ‘I got your nose’ is a stupid gesture where one reaches for a child’s nose, and tucks their thumb between their index finger and middle finger, protruding it in such a manner to give the lame illusion that the thumb is actually a nose. Pointless.

If the intent is to make a child feel like you’ve deprived them of oxygen, shame on you. If the point is to prove your low IQ; congratulations. In essence, you are un-educating a child in at least six different ways. A child should never believe that their body parts are detachable, not unless you want another Trump in this world. In summation, stop it, you’re an idiot.

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