Shower To The People, Right On


Sometimes we forget to shower, and sometimes we shower to forget. Sometimes while we take a shower, it’s like Russian roulette. Source.

Mary Gergitz was shocked to find herself under a running lukewarm shower. Furthermore, she was naked. She instinctively covered herself with her thin arms. How did she get here? She was compelled to wash her face. Why not? She was in the shower.

She retraced her steps trying to jog her memory as to how she arrived in the shower. It struck her like a bolt of lightning. She needed to wash her face.

For good measure, she lathered up and soaped up her cooch. Why not? She was in the shower.

How long had she been in the shower? She had the good sense to check her pruney fingertips, and determined she had been showering for a while. It no longer mattered how she got in the shower, what was more pressing now, was that she get out. Just as she was about to slide open the shower door, she was absolutely aghast. What the hell was she doing in the shower naked?

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