Reflections Of Chaos

Headless Man

When getting ahead in life begins with getting a head.

The people of Jungleton still talk about that far-fetched fateful day like it happened yesterday, the day when the 200 foot gigantic headless man came to reclaim his head.

Mayor Peter Schlong recalls, “It was off the hook. Our office was inundated with panicked phone calls about a headless giant crossing our borders. It was my first day on the job, so I didn’t want to mess up, I did the most responsible thing I could think of while preserving my political career. I did absolutely nothing until we could determine liability.”

Bobo Callahan, long-time town buffoon was at ground zero and adds, “So I’m all like, this is Jungleton. We don’t have earthquakes, so I ignored the intense tremors. Next thing I know, the whole building comes down around me. There were shambles, debris, clouds of asbestos dust everywhere, sizzling exposed electricity, broken water pipes, annoying smoke alarms going off, the whole nine yards. I was lucky I was stuck in the refrigerator at the time, otherwise I’d be a dead man.”

Miss Isaaca Newton, a tourist and innate queen of empathy remembers, “You could tell by his contorted body language, he wanted to say something, but you know, he couldn’t on account of being headless. Can you imagine? That must have completely sucked. Which only goes to prove why everyone should learn basic sign language.”

Dr. Document was the only witness to the actual reunion, watching it safely from a monitor in a nuclear bunker. “It was like one of those movies, where a man is reunited with his childhood dog, running towards each other in slow motion. This large floating head appeared and descended upon the neck of the body, followed by a metallic clang, and then a long sigh of relief. And like a tornado, he simply moved on to the next town.”

There are still blighted areas of Jungleton that were never rebuilt to remind the citizens that anything can happen when you least expect it.

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