The Dog and The Wolf


The dog was loyal to a fault, which made him an easy target for the cunning wolf. Before I proceed, it must be known, and I don’t care if you think I’m one of those animalists, but all wolves are horrible. As far as animals go, they are the North Koreans. They are ignorant and evil by association to their leader, Little Rocketman. By the way, don’t get me started on North Korean wolves. The worst.

The wolf crept low through the cornfield to approach the dog. The wolf knowing the answer asked, “What are you guarding, friend?”

The dog squinted, eyeing the wolf suspiciously, as the chickens squawked behind him in the shack, “It is none of your business, friend.” He emphasized friend implying that he knew full well that this wolf was no friend.

“It must be difficult to sit here while your master drowns his sorrows down at the local tavern.” The wolf did its best to hide a smile.

The dog sat up alertly, “My master drowns?”

The wolf knew that the dog would not be able to comprehend the full sentence. “Yes.”

The dog darted off to the tavern. The wolf wasted no time and grabbed two chickens in its jaws. It took off into the night and feasted like a king. The dog barked and yelped outside the tavern, waiting for his master. He was drunk and displeased. “Why are you here and not guarding the chickens? Bad dog!” He folded up a newspaper and beat the dog to near death.

MORAL: Loyalty is worthless without priorities or don’t talk to wolves.


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