Inducted Into The Justice League Of America®


Wisdom Woman® wondered if The League would correct the gender specification of her membership card.

This was all wrong. Wisdom Woman® should have felt proud, not insecure and so undeserving. Yet, here she was with The Martian Manhunter® in the Justice League satellite®, which orbits 22,300 miles above the Earth’s equator. He was giving her a one-on-one orientation tour. Standing beside the green alien made here feel even more insignificant. He was a genuine superhero. He could fly. He could read minds. He could turn invisible. He had super strength. Granted, his weakness to fire was outright ridiculous.

Instead of accepting the honor of being recognized by the greatest clan of superheroes, she refuted it, by comparing herself to the other heroes. Superman® was the Man of Steel™. Batman® was the World’s Greatest Detective™. Wonder Woman® was an Amazon. The Flash® was the Fastest Man Alive™. Green Lantern® wielded a power ring. Aquaman® was the King of Atlantis™. There had to be some sort of mistake; she was not a peer in this company. If anything, she was the weakest link. She could not comprehend how the power of patience amounted to jack against evil.


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