What The Hell Do You Expect?

Trump's Deep Thoughts

In the same way bad Catholic priests think about sexually abusing defenseless children, Trump thinks about collusion and oligarchs.

To be clear, I’d like to make sure we are talking about the same person. Are we on the same page dedicated to current president of the United States himself dictator wannabe, Donald “Disaster Ass” Trump? If so, it’s time to wake the fuck up; as in this is the real world where old dogs don’t learn new tricks, they die ignorantly and complain about it the whole damn way, and new tricks are for up and coming prostitutes. To expect anything else is lethally naïve.

To expect a petty little man-child to do the right thing is like expecting a starving cat to not devour the nose of its deceased and decomposing owner. Why is it always the nose? It is expecting that ten-day-old corpse half-eaten by a cat not stinking to high heaven. It is expecting that seeing something so traumatic will not influence your future. This is the thought process of an optimistic idiot. The last thing this world needs is a sit-com Tony Danza character.

Quit wondering whether or not Trump will properly honor the passing of a good man. Forget about his thoughts and prayers when people are shot dead by a fellow “white” man. If you’re holding your breath waiting for Trump to do anything remotely decent, you’re as good as dead. While you’re at it, are you wondering if CBS® will be relevant to a younger audience? If so, I’ve got a lot of magic lint to sell you.

Instead, we should stop wasting our time, and move on. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again for the rest of my life, “High expectations, boring vacations.” Fat stupid bad golfer with tasteless clothes and equally horrendous hair(?), orange-thin-skinned will always chose the road most boorish, and if we’re lucky he’ll poot as he exhales unhealthy food fumes. A side note, that obese privileged greedy fuckhead will die alone.

In the case of John McCain, he was the sort of man, regardless of whether you agreed with his politics, that you strived to be. It doesn’t matter a rat’s ass what an overrated low-intelligent TV-celebrity thinks. You can’t give credence to an imbecile who thinks deep down that he will be recognized by The Emmy’s® (An obsequious award recognizing excellence in television [sic]) for his performance as most televised politician.

I propose a 72 hour Trump blackout. We should insist that Twitter® give us real time stats of followers stats, so we can all tune out this guy at once. I have to imagine that at least 8 million of his 54.1 million followers oppose him. (I am one of those gapers) If the ass munch sees this drop for three days, he will realize he is no longer the center of attention. This is what is most important to his simple thought process.

It is past the time to ignore what words Trump farts from his mouth hole and to actively denigrate what Betsy “Idiot Racist” DeVos and Mick “Idiot Racist” Mulvaney do, and what Rick “Idiot Racist” Perry and Ben “Idiot Racist” Carson don’t do. They are constant termites destroying America inside out, while Trump bing-bong China no collusions the media, distracting us with “nothing burgers”. SPOILER ALERT: Donald Trump Jr. may be the biggest clod of mankind EVER.

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