Too Many Superheroes


What Power Squadron Inc. U.K. wished they looked like.

It was a coalition, you know, a temporary alliance of distinct parties, in this case superheroes, for joint action. They proudly named themselves, Power Squadron Inc. U.K. Initially, it was just Power Squadron, but due to litigious upstarts using the same name, and with the help of adept copyright lawyers, they settled with PSI U.K. Speaking of settling, they based their headquarters in Dover, Delaware.

What these guys lacked in intelligence, they more than made up for it with their heroism. None of this would be possible without the Gatherer®, an alien who escaped to Earth with the tremendous power of gathering. It was he, who assembled this team, thus making him the full-time chairman.

Second in command is The Hinderer®, an eighty-eight year old codger capable of hindering anything and everything by merely behaving feeble.

No one remembers when and if The Fiddler® was officially inducted into the Squadron. Many are surprised that he has absolutely no sense of musicality. Instead, he is more of a tinkerer, and occasionally an inappropriate fiddler of himself.

Not much is known about Maiden China®. She is the only foreign representative, as well as the only woman.

And who could forget The Letterer®? The hero responsible for putting the words in the comic balloons. Without him, we would live in complete chaos.

But all this is really about The Squinter®, for he is currently evolving. Originally, when he squinted, he could see for miles. Soon, he would discover that when he scrunches his eyes, he could see the future. After trying it for the first time, he fainted and fell backwards. If not for the agility of The Quicker Picker Upper®, things could have gotten pretty messy.

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