Donald The Menace

Donald the Menace.jpgMany of us have noticed the uncanny similarity between current president of the United States, Dumpy Donald Trump and nearly extinct comic strip character, Dennis The Menace. It’s that ridiculous hair and incomprehensible impishness that could only come from a five-and-a-half-year old boy; the nearest iota of logic stemming from pitiful immaturity. So with that, I present the following mash up.

No collusion 3.jpg

In 2005, Doofus Donald said this on the Howard Stern Show.

Owner of the pageant.jpg

The Thing of The Fantastic Four has, “It’s Clobbering Time!” Pauly Shore has “Buddy”. Here’s Dingbat Donald’s catchphrase.

No collusion 1.jpg

In 2013, March 9th, here is “Dipsomaniac Without Imbibing” Donald’s Tweet®.protection.jpg

In America’s present dire days, independence has become an unquenched thirst with no watering hole in sight, unless you’re a privileged rich person. I’m certain it wasn’t this way before we let a jackass reality celebrity take charge of the United States. By the way, that ass is not Draconian Donald. I’m talking about the other wad, the Russian guy, the talentless one without a weird blotch on his forehead. The evil former KGB man who rides horses shirtless. The vindictive petty man who wants nothing short of everything, Vladimir Putin.

Happy Independence Day America, and Happy 4th of July to the rest of the world.
No collusion 2

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