Super Villain Switch Up


Kraven The Hunter was fortunate that his birth name was not Jagginoff.

On a typical day, Kraven The Hunter resides in an existence commonly known as The Marvel Universe, or Earth-616. [WARNING: ORIGIN ALERT!] He was born Sergei Kravinoff, a misguided Russian immigrant, and the son of an aristocrat. Perhaps it was this combination that turned him into a maniacal big game hunter seeking only to hunt The Amazing Spider-Man. Later, he would become the founding member of The Sinister Six, a collective of villains sworn to destroy their common foe, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Today was very far from typical, and Kraven had been transported to another time and place that was not his home. Deep down, he knew that this was all some sort of science fiction mumbo jumbo, and the only thing you can do is roll with it. To resist is merely wasted energy. He should know; he’s died and been reincarnated at least once. He was rudely interrupted by a voice from above. It was Green Arrow of the DC Universe, otherwise known as Earth-One. He was standing on top of the Wishing Well Laundromat. “Hey, nice outfit. Who the hell are you supposed to be?”

Kraven cleared his throat, “First, thank you, and second, I am the hell supposed to be Kraven The Hunter.” He raised his thick eyebrows knowing his words were incorrect and that wisecracking was not for everyone.

Green Arrow was laughing his ass off. When he could, he spit out the following words, “Seriously? Craven? Do you know what craven means?”

“Are you mocking me?”

“Am I mocking you?”

“Are you deaf?”


While they exchanged question quips, they assumed defensive poses. Kraven lowered himself and pressed his back against the wall trying to blend into the shadows. “And what are you supposed to be? Green Robin Hood?”

There was a pregnant pause. To reveal himself as Green Arrow this deep into the game would surely lower his status and stop the flow, so instead, he shot a boomerang boxing glove arrow at Kraven. The over-sized arrow whizzed past Kraven’s thick head, and circled back around to hit him smack dab in the back of the head. Kraven blinked before smiling, “Is that all you got?”

“After I arrest you, could you tell me where you get your steroids from?”

Kraven grabbed his hair and yanked, which was his tell that he was furious. “Kraven no take enhancement pills. No take! No need for false enhancement!”

Green Arrow had been in the business long enough to know that a long weird villain diatribe was about to begin, so he bailed out, and called in Superman to take care of this delusional idiot.

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