Brickhouse® in “Mighty, Mighty, Just Lettin’ It All Hang Out”

Brick house single

Brickhouse® came this close to suing Commodores for the song, “Three Times A Lady”.

Brickhouse® was about to be walloped hard in the kisser by his nemesis, The Clobber Meister®, in the form of a classic wind-up Sunday punch, rapidly approaching and since this was Jupiter’s gravity, the impact would be immeasurable, as in devastating. Typically, this would be no big whup, but Brickhouse® was clearly distracted. As we all know, his strength, in this case, invulnerability, requires complete concentration.

Three months ago, Brickhouse® nearly died from pneumonia. Yeah, pneumonia. It was a humbling experience for a superhero, to almost kick it from something so average. Odder, how could pneumonia take effect on a man composed entirely of brick? It’s not easy to turn a blind eye to the near irony of it all. It’s a game changer. It puts all kinds of perspective on one’s purpose, the why of it all. Pneumonia is for babies and old people!

Meanwhile, KAPOW! Fist connects with face, face and head blows apart, to smithereens, followed momentarily by Brickhouse®’s lifeless body falling forward to the ground with a hollow thud. The sense of anticlimax was unbearable.

Imagine The Clobber Meister’s dismay that no one witnessed it.

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